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Patrick Morne (from Near Paris, France) visited on Tuesday, December 31, 2002 and said: -

As you certainly know, a German fan of Françoise, Rolf Ludwig, has built a fantastic site where one could hear (but not download) excerpts of ALL her songs, including the rarities. The International Copyrights Union has sued him, so he had to close down this part of the site. I deplore this, the more so as Françoise's rare - and much looked for - songs such as "A cloche pied sur la grande muraille de Chine", "Des yeux d'enfants", or "Jeanne" have not been released on CD. The original vinyl recordings are worn out, and reach astronomical prices when we can find any (up to 200 Euros for an LP)!

I have been a fan of hers since the very beginning. I met her once, in November 1963, as she was walking out of the Olympia music-hall, where she had just sung in the first part of Richard Anthony's show. It was on a dull Sunday afternoon, and to my great surprise, she was alone. So was I, no other fan around... She signed her book "Je chante, donc je suis" for me, and we did a bit of small talk about London, where I was living then. After 10 minutes, her cab arrived and picked her up. I was 18, and she was 19. I have never forgotten how fragile and incredibly beautiful she looked, and how sweet she was...

Patrick, yes, I know of Rolf Ludwig's site, but I didn't know that he had had problems with the authorities. Deplorable as you say. I can understand the issue with MP3 versions of songs which can be almost CD quality, but the quality of Real Audio files is so poor that I would not think that many fans would be satisfied, and can only imagine that it would encourage them to buy a CD. "Jeanne" is certainly available on CD, but as you say, there are still many more which are not.

I have also heard of sites which have been asked to remove lyrics. So far, I have had no trouble with either lyrics or Real Audio, but will keep looking over my shoulder...

Thank you for your tales of Françoise from long ago. Memories well worth holding onto, I'm sure.

John Williams (from UK) visited on Sunday, December 29, 2002 and said: -

Hi, as a Francoise Hardy fan from 1964(!!!), yes, really. Any chance of obtaining a signed photo or autograph? Her music means a great deal to me over the years, through difficult times. Best wishes, JW.

John, the only place I can suggest trying for a signed photograph or an autograph is through Virgin Records in Paris, or through the official website: - Unless you would like to wait until Françoise releases another album, and take a trip to Paris for the signing session. Such an event occurred in 2000 for the release of "Clair-obscur".

Phil (from London, UK) visited on Sunday, December 29, 2002 and said: -

Arvind (from India/USA) visited on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 and said: -
Does anyone know where in the US I might be able to buy posters of Francoise? Any place on the Internet that ships Francoise posters to the US? I would be very grateful for any information!
Warren replied: - Arvind, the only site I have ever seen advertising a poster of Françoise Hardy is I haven't seen the poster itself, so I can't comment. Anyone else?

I have this poster. It's a screen print of Francoise taken from part of the sleeve for "je veux qu'il revienne", with her name spelt out in capitals three times above the picture and once below, each in a different colour. It looks quite pop art. Also I've heard recently about a video available in Japan, anyone know anything about it?
Cheers, Phil

Phil, thanks for the information about the poster. Some TV shows of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg have recently been released on DVD in Japan. A couple of these feature Françoise, and I think it must be these that you are referring to. I don't know anyone who has bought them, so I cannot say if they worth having or not.

Jean-Claude Martineau (from Paris, France.) visited on Thursday, December 26, 2002 and said: -

A ma connaissance, depuis la récente parution du coffret trois CD chez Virgin "Messages personnels", reste à sortir en CD, "Des bottes rouges de Russie", "La mer", "Les feuilles mortes", "Assiette niet", "Poisson", "Nuit d'été", "Tu t'amuses" + quelques titres en allemand et 2 titres en français parus au Brésil, "Les glaces" et "A cloche pied sur la grande muraille de Chine", dont il existe une version en allemand. Quelqu'un a-t-il d'autres informations? Bravo pour ce site! Et quelle merveille que de découvrir le titre "Jeanne" enregistré avec Air, dans le coffret Virgin!

(To my knowledge, since the recent publication of the 3CD box by Virgin "Messages personnels", songs still unreleased on CD are: - "Des bottes rouges de Russie", "La mer", "Les feuilles mortes", "Assiette niet", "Poisson", "Nuit d'été", "Tu t'amuses" + some German titles and 2 French songs released in Brazil, "Les glaces" and "A cloche pied sur la grande muraille de Chine", of which there is a German version. Does anybody have other information? Cheers for this site! And what a wonder to discover the title "Jeanne" recorded with Air, in the Virgin box!)

Thank you for your message and comments on the site, Jean-Claude. I think you are correct with your list of French songs not yet released on CD. "A cloche pied sur la grande muraille de Chine" exists in German as "Bald ist so lange her", also never on CD, and in English as "Soon is slipping away", released on CD in 2000. And we are still missing the Portuguese version of "Bown, bown, bown", 2 Spanish songs, 3 English songs and most of the Italian songs. I was disappointed that there weren't more of these songs on "Messages personnels". Maybe one day...

Amancio Reino (from Santiago de Compostela, Spain) visited on Tuesday, December 24, 2002 and said: -

Hi! I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY 2003 with Françoise in your ears! She's the best! If you want to talk about her, you can write to me: See you!

Hello Amancio. Thank you for your greeting. May I wish you, and all Françoise fans reading these pages, all the best for Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.

Hung V. Le (from New Jersey, USA) visited on Sunday, December 15, 2002 and said: -

Hi Warren,
What a wonderful web site you have here! Besides the beautiful pictures of Francoise, I appreciate the fact that you had pictures of her and Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan, in the biography page. The latter two are also high on my list of favorites. It's just great to see these giants of the music scene in one place. The quote by David Bowie was super and so true! What man wouldn't fall in love with musical talent and poetry crystallizing into one beautiful female body? Yes, I was one of them, fell in love with Francoise since I was 12 years old, her music and beautiful face wouldn't fade away after all these years.
Special thanks for the book section, I didn't even know that they exist. Now I will make it a mission of acquiring one of her books, which bring to the last subject. Is there anyway for us fans to find out if she would autograph her materials (albums, CDs, books etc) sometimes, some place in Paris? It's a long shot for me, living in the States, but you never know.

Hello Hung, thank you for your comments on the site, and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. The older books are certainly difficult to find now, even in France, but the latest one, "Françoise Hardy, ma vie intérieure", should still be available to buy from on-line bookstores like FNAC or
There is a real possibility of meeting Françoise and getting her autograph, if she releases another album. When "Clair-obscur" was released in 2000, part of the promotion for the album was a signing session that took place in the Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysées in Paris. It was very well attended and a wonderful experience. Let's hope...

Summer (from Australia) visited on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 and said: -

My mom must have loved your music so much, as a young girl in the UK she used to listen to you all the time. 6 weeks ago she passed away only 50yrs old and left me a box of vinyl records and in there were Francoise Hardy... I listen to them all and I thought you were and are wonderful. Thank you for the sound... Blessings to you...

My sympathy for the loss of your mother, Summer. I'm sure Françoise would be interested to hear that her music meant so much to your mother and that you are interested too. Keep on listening, and you may discover more.

Curtis Clavin Dittrich (from Germany) visited on Monday, December 2, 2002 and said: -

Meine Traumfrau seit ich 10 Jahre alt bin. Ihre Lieder haben mich bis heute begleitet. Jetzt bin ich 49 Jahre und sie ist immer noch meine Traumfrau. Und sie wird es immer bleiben.

(The woman of my dreams since I was 10 years old. Her songs have accompanied me until today. Now I am 49 years old and she is still the woman of my dreams. And she will always be so.)

Hello Curtis. Yes, I am of a similar age - slightly older - and I feel pretty much the same as you. I think there are probably many of us. Keep on dreaming...

Cilem Yazgili (from Deutschland) visited on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 and said: -

Sie haben eine schöne berührende Stimme. Ich habe sie vorher also noch vor drei Tagen noch nie gehört aber jetzt muss ich einen französisch Referat schreiben und höre sie zum ersten Mal. Echt schön...

(You have a beautiful, touching voice. I had never heard you until three days ago but now I must write a French report and have heard you for the first time. Really beautiful...)

Hello Cilem, thank you for your message. Keep listening, I'm sure you will find plenty to enjoy.

Roy (from Cape Town, South Africa) visited on Saturday, November 16, 2002 and said: -

I am a South African from Cape Town and I heard your song many, many years ago:

"...and in the canyons of the deep
they have a rendezvous to keep..."

As a sailor this song is always with me, kindly let me know where I can find/buy a track.
In modern times one needs to have a good anchor. You are one.

Hello Roy. I don't recognise these lines as being from any of Françoise Hardy's songs at all. I haven't found a reference to them anywhere else on the Internet. Do you have any more lines from the song? Can anybody else help?

Ann Degerstedt (from Sweden) visited on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 and said: -

Hallo! I just want to say that I'm overwhelmed to find this wonderful web site!!! I've been a fan of Francoise for ages, way back in the mid sixties. My favourite LPs (now also on CD of course...) are actually "Ma jeunesse fout le camp" and the one that was released after that, but I'm happy to say that "Le Danger" is absolutely GREAT!!!
I am 50 years old, but I would be very happy to get in contact with anyone sharing my love for F's music! In Sweden it is very rare to find articles or anything on French music. Nor French magazines. So it is difficult to catch up with what is going on concerning Francoise. I thought she had stopped making records, but then I suddenly found her latest recordings and now, looking at all the lovely pictures and reading abut her latest doings, I understand she's still very much "on the scene"!
How do I get hold of pics and articles?
Love from Ann Degerstedt, ()

Hello Ann, and welcome to the world of Françoise Hardy on the Internet! I can appreciate your situation. Sometimes I too feel very remote, here in England, from information concerning Françoise. I try to visit Paris at least once a year to visit a Record Fair where you can buy records, magazines, photographs etc. and meet with like-minded fans. Some of the photographs and magazine covers that appear on my site have been purchased through eBay. There is also a mailing list run by Laurent that provides information relating to Françoise Hardy. To subscribe, send an e-mail to . Françoise is certainly still "on the scene", but fans have to learn to be patient for new record releases!

Ugo (from Toulouse, France) visited on Monday, November 11, 2002 and said: -

Merci pour ce site consacré à Françoise Hardy et je suis surpris d'apprendre qu'une version italienne de "MESSAGE PERSONEL" existe : Est-ce qu'un de nos amis italiens pouvait m'envoyer le texte italien signé Cristiano Malgoglio et, peut-être, le morceau chanté par Eleonora Giorgi. Merci, à bientôt.

(Good evening! Thank you for this site devoted to Francoise Hardy and I am surprised to learn that an Italian version of "MESSAGE PERSONNEL" exists: Could one of our Italian friends send me the Italian text written by Cristiano Malgoglio and, perhaps, the piece sung by Eleonora Giorgi. Thank you, so long.)

Hello Ugo. I have a copy of the Eleonora Giorgi single, but am unable to decipher the lyrics. At some time (soon?), I will get a digitised copy, but, yes, maybe an Italian fan could provide the lyrics.

HECTOR GUTIERREZ (from D.F. CITY, MEXICO) visited on Sunday, November 10, 2002 and said: -


(I listened to Francoise Hardy for the first time in 1964 and I listen to the only LP that I have had since then. Years passed, and finally, last year I came across 2 of her compilation CDs and this year another one called "Clair-obscur". During the years I have looked for something referring to her without finding anything, since in my country, after the first record, no other one was released. This month, I discovered your page and on seeing her photographs it reawoke a platonic love which I had developed for her and her songs of which those I like best are "Mon amie la rose", and an English song called "Another place". When I heard her for the first time in 13 years, I was always looking for a girlfriend who looked like her. I studied French so I could understand her lyrics. In short, it is very pleasant to have found this place and to remember seeing so many photographs and covers of her. In Latin America her work is broadcast little, the most known of her songs being "Tous les garçons et les filles". God grant her many years of life and more songs.)

Hello Hector, thank you for your message. I'm happy that you enjoy the site. If you look at Georg's FH discography site, you will see that between 1965 and 1977, there were 4 EPs and 10 LPs released in Mexico - you must have missed them! But at least now most of the songs are available on CD and easy to order through the Internet.

Arvind (from India/USA) visited on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 and said: -

Does anyone know where in the US I might be able to buy posters of Francoise? Any place on the Internet that ships Francoise posters to the US? I would be very grateful for any information!

Arvind, the only site I have ever seen advertising a poster of Françoise Hardy is I haven't seen the poster itself, so I can't comment. Anyone else?

Thomas Mitchell (from Chicago, Illinois, USA) visited on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 and said: -

Hi Warren,
I just wanted to recommend that anyone considering buying a copy of the latest book on Francoise, Ma Vie Intérieure, should do so immediately! It's available at and has tons of wonderful new photos from her ye ye days and beyond. Although the text itself does not really add anything to the others (Notes Secretes, Superstar et Ermite), it does provide another unique aspect of her photographic history and reveal yet again why she was in so many magazines at that time. She simply has no unflattering angle! My favorite is a spread of her making two silly but adorable faces then, on the third, bursting into a warm smile.
I'm looking forward to the Long Box release (now November 12?). Do you happen to have an inside track on the song list?
Your site gets better and better.

Hello Thomas. Thank you for your message and your comments on the site. I too would recommend the book to any fan. I haven't finished reading the text yet, but as you say, it is worth having for the pictures alone. Yes, I have seen a track list for the new 3CD set. You are obviously not subscribed to Laurent's [fhardy] FH News mailing list or you would have seen it too. I have forwarded you a copy, but to subscribe for yourself, send a message to .

Raymond Foster (from England) visited on Monday, October 21, 2002 and said: -

I have just bought the new CD "Clair-Obscur", and found it to be wonderful.
I have been a fan of Francoise's for many years, since she recorded the song "All over the world" in England. I have almost all her LP's and I am now collecting the CD's. I hope that she will make another English CD in the near future.

Hello Raymond. How could you wait so long to get a copy of "Clair-Obscur"! But, well worth waiting for, no doubt. Hopefully, Françoise will record more songs in English, but probably not a whole album.

Gregorio (from Espagne) visited on Saturday, October 19, 2002 and said: -

Saludos desde España de un enamorado de Françoise. Veo en los covers solo una versión en español de una canción de Françoise, por Carlos Berlanga. Pero en los años 60-70 se hicieron muchas versiones (covers) en español, en espacial "tout les garçons et les filles" (todos los chicos y chicas) y "comment te dire adieu" (como decirte adios). Animo a los fans españoles a rescatar estas canciones ya que hay docenas de grupos pop españoles que tienen en Françoise una de sus mayores influencias.
Enhorabuena por la web, à bientot
, all the best.

(Greetings from Spain from one in love with Françoise. I see on the covers page a Spanish version of a Françoise song, by Carlos Berlanga. But in the years 60-70, there were many versions (covers) in Spanish, space "Tous les garçons et les filles" (todos los chicos y chicas) and "Comment te dire adieu" (como decirte adios). I urge Spanish fans to rescue these songs since there are dozens of Spanish pop groups that have Françoise as one of their great influences. Congratulations on the web site, bye for now, all the best. Gregorio.)

Gregorio, thank you for your message. Yes, I would be very interested to have any more information about any Spanish cover versions if you or any other Spanish fan can help.

Sebastiano Piscitelli (from Italy) visited on Thursday, October 17, 2002 and said: -

Ciao Françoise.
... Sei simplicemente favolosa.

(Hello Françoise. You are simply fabulous.)


Michael G. Batcho (from McAdoo, PA, USA) visited on Saturday, October 12, 2002 and said: -

Brigitte Bardot did a cover of "La Fin de L'ete" - I've not heard it but if you're going to be covered by anybody, it may as well be Brigitte!
Ah Francoise!

Michael, thank you for the information. If you look on the cover versions page of this site you will see that "La fin de l'été" was recorded by Gérard Bourgeois in 1963 and by Brigitte Bardot in 1964, both before Françoise's version in 1967. I have not heard either of these versions yet, but look forward to hearing them at some time.

Anibal Lino (from Argentina) visited on Thursday, October 10, 2002 and said: -

Estimados amigos: En el año 1980 tenía un disco de Francoise Hardy con un tema que creo se titulaba Star, luego perdí esa grabación y nunca mas pude tenerla he visitado las páginas en internet de Francoise y no logro encontrar ese tema. Quisiera pedirles si son tan amables de decirme donde puedo encontrar dicho tema o que página de internet consultar donde se encuentre el audio de dicho tema. Muchas gracias y un abrazo. Anibal.

(Dear friends: In 1980 I had a disc of Francoise Hardy with the title "Star", soon I lost that recording and I never found it on any Internet pages of Francoise that I have visited. I want to request anyone if they are so kind to tell me where I can find this song or the Internet page where I might find an audio of this song. Thank you very much and a hug. Anibal.)

Anibal, "Star" was released in the UK in 2000 by HMV on a CD entitled "HMV Easy - The Françoise Hardy collection". It is still available from

Lino de Bortoli (from Italie) visited on Sunday, October 6, 2002 and said: -

Cara Françoise,
Ti amo da quando hai iniziato la tua carriera, ho 56 anni, ultimamente ti ho scoperta su internet, così ho avuto la possibilità di ascoltare anche tutte le canzoni che non conoscevo.
Grazie Françoise.

(Dear Françoise, I have loved you since your career started. I am 56 years old. Recently, I have discovered you on the Internet, so I have had the possibility to listen to all the songs that I did not know.
Thank you Françoise. Linus)

Hello Linus, thank you for your message. Yes, the Internet is a powerful medium. I hope that having used it to discover more of Françoise's songs, you will now be inspired to buy some of her CDs - there are so many available.

Ben Chang (from PR China) visited on Sunday, September 29, 2002 and said: -

I got to know FH only a few days ago. Since my French is poor, I'm searching for her lyrics in English translation. Could anybody help?
Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your message, Ben. The best source I know for English translations of Françoise's French songs is Laurent's (ficsx22) web site - He has a series of "pdf" documents, located in the "download, books" section. Volume 2 - French lyrics includes many English translations.

Willem O. de Decker (from Flemish/American) visited on Thursday, September 26, 2002 and said: -

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1969. Was familiar and adored the songs of Francoise Hardy (she is less than a year younger than I, but much better looking). I still know with whom I danced "Tous les garcons et les filles".
I was not familiar with F.H. singing in English. She sounds quite exquisite and tentatively careful. I always enjoyed her poetry. Yes, memories...
Could you put some French songs in Real Player on your site (your choice)?
That would easily make me come back for more.

Hello Willem. Thank you for your visit. The first song I heard by Françoise was in English, and it left a lasting impression on me. It was a little while later I discovered the French songs, and German, and Italian... Yes, OK, I will certainly think about adding some French songs to the site. But where to start?

Hye-jung Kwon (from Korea) visited on Saturday, September 21, 2002 and said: -

J'adore Francoise Hardy!!!!
J'aime "Comment te dire adieu", "Le premier bonheur du jour" et "Soleil".
Surtout, le chanson 'Comment te dire adieu' est tres populaire dans la coree.
Il se sent frais et dispos.
Tous les jours j'ecoute chanson de Hardy.
Elle a une bell voix!!!!!!
Je l'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup!!!

(I adore Françoise Hardy. I love "Comment te dire adieu", "Le premier bonheur du jour" and "Soleil". Especially the song "Comment te dire adieu" is very popular in Korea. It feels cool and fresh. Every day I listen to Hardy's songs. She has a beautiful voice. I love her very, very much.)

Hello Hye-jung Kwon, thank you for your message. It is interesting to hear which songs you like. I hope you find reasons to return to this site.

Sébastien (from France) visited on Friday, September 20, 2002 and said: -

Tout d'abord BRAVO pour ce sîte et merci de laisser la possibilité aux admirateurs de FH de s'exprimer.

Je suis un fan de FH depuis 5 ans et j'ai acheté la totalité des albums originaux disponibles. Sauf les compilations que les maisons de disques sortent chaque année avec TOUJOURS les mêmes titres. Elles se MOQUENT vraiment des consommateurs. QUAND les maisons de disques prendront l'initiative de sortir des inédits (les bottes rouges.., la muraille de chine, les glaces, des yeux d'enfant, avec des si, t'es pas poli, la mer, la terre, bells of Avignon, les superbes titres allemands, etc...., les b'sides des singles des années 70 (assiette niet, poisson,...). Il y en a des tonnes! Et a moins de payer des montants astronomiques sur des sîtes comme EBAY, impossible de se les procurer.

Heureusement qu'il y a des fans bien pensant qui transfèrent ces enregistrements vinyl en format MP3. CE N'EST PAS DE LA COPIE, mais un moyen de se procurer des enregistrements INEXISTANT EN CD. Du patrimoine culturel français et non de la copie.


Un petition ne pourrait-elle pas être préparée à l'attention des maisons de disques (Vogue notamment et les productions de Mme Hardy (!) même (Asparagus, Hypopotam,...celles des années 68 à 72)???

(First of all bravo for this site and thank giving admirers of FH the chance to express themselves.

I have been a fan of FH for 5 years and I bought all the available original albums. Except the compilations which the record companies release each year always with the same titles. They really make fun of the consumers. When will the record companies take the initiative to release those songs previously unpublished on CD ("les bottes rouges...", "la muraille de chine", "les glaces", "des yeux d'enfant", "avec des si", "t'es pas poli", "la mer", "la terre", "the bells of Avignon", the superb German titles, etc...., the "b" sides of the singles from the Seventies ("assiette niet", "poisson",...)? There are tons of them! And unless paying the astronomical amounts on sites like eBay, impossible to obtain.

Thank goodness there are right-thinking fans who transfer these vinyl recordings to MP3 format. It is not copying, but a means of getting recordings NON-existent on CD. It is French cultural inheritance and not copying.

What does the Webmaster think on this point?

Couldn't a petition be prepared for the attention of the record companies? (Vogue in particular and the releases by Mme Hardy (!) even (Asparagus, Hypopotam... those of the years between 68 and 72).)

Sébastien - thank you for your message and your comments on the site. Yes, it is very frustrating for many fans that there are still so many of Françoise's songs not available on CD. But watch out for a new compilation due to be released at the beginning of November. I am reliably informed that there will be some of these songs on this CD!

What do I think of MP3s? Well, it is a good way of transmitting music across the Internet. But whether they should be freely available to everyone, I'm not sure. Those fans who have the original vinyl recordings and have transferred them to CD have often gone to a great deal of effort and expense to do so. Should they then be given away to everyone? I think not. Admittedly, I have some, but in every case through exchange and friendship. I have also made MP3 and CD copies of some songs to give to others, but not by any means to everyone who has asked.

As for a petition, yes it could be possible. How about you starting it off - I sure you would get many fans to sign it. But where should it be sent? Vogue no longer exists, and I understand there are copyright issues with some of their releases. Françoise herself? Be very careful! She has a very strong will, and if she no longer likes a song, I don't think she would be happy for it to be released on CD. Virgin? They have already re-released much of Françoise's work, and are still trying.

Phil Cabibi (from New Jersey, USA) visited on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 and said: -

What a find! This is a fantastic web site! Thank you so much for listing the words to these beautiful songs..another great find! I'm printing every one of them! It's pitiful to hear my voice on top of Francoise's!

I just returned from Paris last month and did find quite a collection at FNAC HOWEVER, the best collecton of all was on Amazon where I just received today a 3-disc collection simply entitled, "Francoise Hardy" 60 songs of my all time favorites. This is a must for any fan of Francoise. It has all her great classics. I have finally been able to replace the long lost album collection of my youth! Francoise, que vous etes incroyable! Vive Francoise!

Thanks for the great web-site..your work is much appreciated!


Hello Phil, thank you for your message and your comments on the site - you're welcome. If you are printing all the lyrics, a better source may be Laurent's [ficsx22] home page - - they are all there in pdf format. Yes, the 3CD collection is a good buy, but there are so many compilation CDs, and so many of them the same, it's often difficult to choose.

Michael De Souza (from Native:Brazil - I live in Sydney, Australia) visited on Friday, September 13, 2002 and said: -

Last night I listened to her songs in English until midnight. I still have one of her LP back on late 60s. I was so impressed with her soft voice I never forgot her since. She should come to Australia or return to Australia. I wished France was just across the plain or somewhere much closer. I am going too far, I think.

Anyway, What do I think of Her? I think she is unique. That is all what is about. She was born to be such an unique person and this uniqueness only belong to her. Nobody is any near her and it will never be another Francoise Hardy. She is one and one alone. Napoleon Bonaparte was one and one Alone in uniqueness, so is She except I prefer Her than Napoleon. She was born to be what she is and She does so well. She does perfectly because this uniqueness only belong to Her. I am glad She is of my generation so I had the privilege to hear her songs, not all yet. I honestly wish I knew what her mother had ate, that is to say She is absolutely Unique. Francoise, you are unique, did you know that? That means this uniqueness only last until She will last, after only memories. I should not think like that, but if I do is because I wish she could live forever.

Only her knows what she has, what is inside of her, that secret thing. That secret thing only belong to her. Nobody else has ever had, nor will ever have. It's one in history and that is it. That secret thing is the key for everything for Francoise Hardy, it's her birth right. She got the lot whereas I got nothing, I mean her talents as song writer, singer, voice, personality, beauty and much more. By all means I am not in jealousy, I am just her admirer.

I am Nobody, but I am Michael De Souza.

Michael, thank you for your message. I don't think you will be lucky enough to see Françoise in Australia - she does not tour any more, not since the late 1960s in fact, and does not travel much at all. But, maybe one day, you will visit France and see her walking down the street...
Yes, we all believe Françoise is unique, but do you not think that her "secret thing" should remain a secret, so some of the mystery remains?

Linus K. Chon (from Philadelphia, Pa, USA) visited on Monday, September 9, 2002 and said: -

Wow! What a great site you have created! So simple to navigate and none of the pretentious web decorations, just substance with so many hard to find images and informations. This must have taken you a long time to create. Thank you. I recently discovered Francoise Hardy's music when I purchased a CD where she duets with Iggy Pop ( sounds like an odd pair, but they sounded great together) and I simply fell in love with her singing voice. I just Purchased Francoise Hardy's The Vogue Years, 2 CDs with 50 songs!! And now I am playing them for all of my friends and they seem to love the songs as much as I do. How sad that most Americans have no idea who she is and miss out on such beautiful songs. Thanks again for your great web site.

Hello Linus, thank you for your message. Yes, the web site has taken a long time to create, but it has been developed gradually from a humble start in 1996. There are still many more things I would like to do with it if I had more time. The "Vogue Years" is a good CD to start with, and there are many more to collect covering later years. Françoise is not really very well known in England either. Although she did have some minor chart successes in the 1960s, there has been very little exposure since.

Yonng Hee (from Korea) visited on Saturday, September 7, 2002 and said: -

Operator How are you?
I am the pan of the young girl who lives in Korea and Francoise Hardy
Now comes out and also the songs are many but it had an interest in song of Francoise Hardy
She walks only the route of music and is the all true feelings one music, well it is same
It got many information from you home page
As the same pan truth it is glad until it does
The thing and also the operation which in the future will use this home page frequently do as a favor eagerly
Operator! Being healthy always, it is happy
If the time flows, her the beautiful music is not pyen

Hello Yonng Hee, thank you for your message. I think I understand the meaning of some of it, at least. I'm glad you find the page interesting at that you will find reasons to return often.

Clement (from France) visited on Thursday, September 5, 2002 and said: -

Salut! Je viens d'entendre parler d'une collaboration entre Françoise et Benjamin Biolay (Super!) Est-ce que quelqu'un a des news? Un nouvel album en préparation???? Entendu parler de la sortie d'un dvd aussi??? Salut à tous les fans et au webmaster.

Hi Clement. I know nothing of the collaboration with Benjamin Biolay, but it could be interesting. As for a new album, I think Françoise has been too busy with other things recently, although there is a new compilation album due to be released in November. It is expected to include some songs not previously released on CD. The only DVD I know about is one of Jane Birkin's on which Françoise appears.

Maureen Klos (from l'Afrique du Sud) visited on Monday, September 2, 2002 and said: -

Moi je suis passionée de la musique, des mots et de la voix de Françoise depuis adolescente pendant les années 60 en Afrique coloniale. Elève et étudiant en langues (y compris le français) j'écoute toujours ses chansons.

Hello Maureen, thank you for your message. I hope you continue to enjoy Françoise's music for years to come.

Alan Haycock (born in England, now resident in USA) visited on Friday, August 23, 2002 and said: -

I fell in love with this lady's music in 1964 when my sister brought home her album - I still have it - plus lots of CDs. Thank you Francoise for all the beautiful music and I hope your life is a happy one.

Thank you Alan. Yes, I think Françoise's life is a happy one. Keep listening.

Mina Kobayashi (from from Japan) visited on Sunday, August 18, 2002 and said: -

Hello Mr Akihiro. Thank you. わざわざありがとうございました。

Stephanie (from Rockiville, USA) visited on Sunday, August 18, 2002 and said: -

Hello, is there any DVD or video to buy with Francoise concert? Or with english subtitles? Thank you, Stephanie

Hello Stephanie. No official videos or DVDs featuring Françoise were ever released. However, some DVDs of TV shows from the 1970s featuring Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin have just been released in Japan, and these include 2 songs by Françoise and a duet with Françoise and Jane Birkin.

Greg Blomquist (from up-state NY, USA) visited on Friday, August 9, 2002 and said: -

Im a 43 year old guy sitting here watching a movie called Grand Prix. What a beautiful woman - I hope everything has worked out for her in her lifetime - does she sing in English? Thanks.

Hi Greg. Yes, Françoise was beautiful in the film "Grand Prix", and still beautiful now, many years later. And yes, Françoise has released many songs in English over the years, including 2 as duets on the latest album released in 2000.

Akihiro Noda (from Tokyo, Japan) visited on Thursday, August 1, 2002 and said: -

Warren, this is a translation of a message from Miss Mina Kobayashi, a Japanese girl, on 11 February:

Hello, nice to see you!
My English Is not so good but I would like to express that I am a fan of Francoise.
I feel relaxed when listening to Francoise CDs recently.
"Comment te dire adieu" is excellent!
I am attracted by her sensibility in music.

Thank you, Akihiro, that is very kind of you to send this translation.

Jordi Serra Morales (from Barcelona, Spain) visited on Monday, July 22, 2002 and said: -

I am 21 years old, and I have been listening to Françoise Hardy since I was 17 or 18. I discovered her because the song "Tous les garçons et les filles" is very popular in Spain, and I found the lyrics to this song so sensitive and touching...
My parents are more or less of the same age as her, and I always ask them about the time when she was so famous, and they say that they remember seeing her on TV and listening to her songs on the radio. Sometimes I think that they have been lucky to be young in the '60s.
I also would like to say that your web site is very easy to move through, very clear and beautiful (it was funny to me to see those "¡Hola!" magazine covers...)

Jordi, thank you for your message and your comments on the site. "Tous les garçons et les filles" is a popular song in many countries, and for many people, the song that comes to mind when Françoise's name is mentioned. Although Françoise would prefer to be remembered by many of the other songs that she has released since then, "Tous les garçons et les filles" will always be recognised for its simplicity and sensitivity.

Juan Noval (from Argentina) visited on Thursday, July 18, 2002 and said: -

Quiero comunicarme con Francoise, tengo 50 años y la amo desde que tenia 15. Gracias.

(I want to communicate with Francoise, I am 50 years old and I have loved her since I was 15. Thanks.)

Juan, unfortunately you cannot communicate directly with Françoise through this site. You could try the official site -

Juan Francisco (from Malaga, España) visited on Saturday, July 13, 2002 and said: -

SALUT: No hace mucho realicé un curso de francés, de dos años. Entonces conocí a una cantante de obligado estudio durante el aprendizaje de la lengua francesa: Françoise Hardy. Nunca vi un romanticismo idealista tan claro como el que rezuman las letras de sus canciones. En una palabra: FORMIDABLE.

(SALUT: Not long ago I took a French course, of two years. Then I was introduced to a singer I had to study during the learning of the French language: Françoise Hardy. I never saw such a clearly idealistic romanticism as that which oozes from the lyrics of her songs. In a word: FORMIDABLE.)

Thank you for your message, Juan, and welcome to the world of Françoise Hardy.

Raymond Foster (from England) visited on Friday, July 12, 2002 and said: -

I am a great fan of Francoise and have been for many years, I am looking for music books (or sheet music) of her songs, (in keyboard form)... especially "All over the world" (in French - "Dans le monde entier"). I have heard that there is a book published by Paul Beuscher called "Je chante Francoise Hardy", but I am not sure whether it is just guitar chords and not the actual melody and chord music as played by keyboard players. If anyone can help me please e-mail me - .

Raymond, yes, you are correct - the book you refer to only has the chords and lyrics, and not the melody. I have a copy of the sheet music for "All over the World", and can send you a photocopy if you like.

Pam (from Columbus, Ohio, USA) visited on Thursday, June 13, 2002 and said: -

Many years ago, I saw Francoise Hardy in concert (in Bruxelles) with a school group (1967 - yipes!). After the concert - which, by the way, was FANTASTIC - the school group was allowed to go on stage and meet La Fabuleuse. She was SOOOO very cordial with all of us (and quite impressed that we all spoke such excellent French - LOL). My "love affair" with her music started a few years prior to that concert and I am still - to this day - a great fan, tho I'm not able to get that many of her albums (I do have some of her 45s n LPs from the 60s). Mlle Hardy - je vous souhait des annees de bonheur et sante! Merci mille fois pour les chansons que vous nous avez donnees.

Hello Pam. You are certainly lucky to have seen Françoise in concert and to have spoken to her afterwards. I had been a fan for over 30 years before I met her, but it was well worth the wait! I understand the difficulty in finding her records in your country, but most of them are readily available from Internet stores, many of which are based in the USA.

Roberto Alves de Oliveira (from Brazil) visited on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 and said: -

Françoise est la seule personne à parler des sentiments comme si c'est moi à le faire. Parfois je me demande si ce n'est pas moi d'écrire ses chansons. J'écoute des chansons d'autres chanteurs, mais elles ne parlent de mon intérieur comme celles de Françoise. J'aimerais bien d'être sûr qu'elle puisse un jour savoir de mon admiration pour elle.

(Françoise is the only person to express her feelings as if they were mine. Sometimes I ask myself if it was not me who wrote the somgs. I listen to songs by other singers, but they do not speak of my inner feelings like those of Françoise. I would like to be sure that one day that she could know of my admiration for her.)

Hello Roberto. Yes, Françoise's songs are so very personal, but it is easy for many of us to relate to the situations she sings about. Maybe Françoise will see your message...

Andy (from Exeter, England) visited on Saturday, May 25, 2002 and said: -

The Eurovision song contest is here again and I just thought of Francoise all those years ago singing for Monaco. I'm now in my fifties and remember her beauty and sexy singing voice. I've just seen a recent photo of her and she is just as stunning! I still have several of her single/EP 45-rpm records packed away in my loft. Oh weren't the sixties a great time for Hardy music.
In England I wish she would make a television appearance again.
Merci Francoise.

Yes, Andy, the 60s were a great time for Françoise Hardy fans. I remember the French EPs being released at the rate of 1 every 2 or 3 months. Unfortunately output has decreased somewhat now, but still worth waiting for. The few TV appearances Françoise makes now tend to be interviews and chat shows. I think it is most unlikely that she would ever appear on TV in England, unless you know otherwise...

Jerrid Kimball (from Omaha, Nebraska, USA) visited on Thursday, May 23, 2002 and said: -

Over the last year I have discovered Francoise's beautiful singing. I am currently a high school student in Omaha. I take French for a foreign language class and that's where I learned of her. I don't know why, but just about every time I think about Francoise I get tears in my eyes. I am not sure if it's tears of joy or of sadness. I know that every time I see her recent pictures it make me cry to. She's such a great person. I wish there were better biographies about her or that I could find one of her books that are out of print.
And I pity the United States for not recognizing her talents as much as they should have been.
Francoise, I love your singing and your person. I hope you can provide the world with many more great songs.
With tears in my eyes,
If you can help me find one of these books or a good biography, email me...

Thank you for your visit, Jerrid. As far as I Know, no biography of Françoise has ever been written in English. There are a few English language web sites with biographical information, but they contain limited information. You should be able to get hold of copies of both "Superstar et Ermite" and "Notes Secrètes" - I have seen both of them for sale recently on Good luck.

Gareth Jones (from London, UK) visited on Friday, May 17, 2002 and said: -

Hi there
Just browsing around the web and I stumbled back on this site. I first found you a year or so ago when I was looking for information for a book I was writing on French sixties pop (it's just about finished now, if anyone is interested and I'm about to hawk it around publishers) but I lost my bookmark when my hard-drive died. Nice to see you're still up and running, I've always felt that this was one of the best fan websites I've ever seen and that's still true today.
If I can be so bold as to respond to Salvatore's message, my favourite Francoise albums are those from the late sixties and early seventies - I am particularly fond of "One-Nine-Seven-Zero" (which seems only to be available through HMV in the UK on the CD "The Francoise Hardy Collection") and the concurrent French album "Soleil" although lately I have been playing "Comment te dire adieu" rather a lot - any album with two contributions from the great Serge Gainsbourg is always worth a listen. What is particularly frustrating for me is that while most of Francoise's material from this period is available on CD, the second English-language album "En Anglais" does not appear to have reissued and there are a number of great single and E.P. only tracks also missing from the CD market. I've never seen a copy of "Les Bottes Rouges de Russie" or the lovely version of "La Mer" to name two examples. Anyone know if this stuff has actually been issued on CD?
Anyway, enough of me and my ramblings. Cheers again for the site - if it wasn't for the internet, we U.K. fans would hardly get any information at all about one of the best singers to emerge in the sixties, anywhere in the world.

Gareth, thank you for your message and your kind comments on the site - it helps to make it worthwhile. Your choice of albums is a good one. "En Anglais" was released on a CD in Japan in 1990, but it is now out of print and very difficult to get hold of. The 2 French songs you mention are among 10 never released on CD. There are also many in German and Italian and 3 English songs - "Now You Want To Be Loved", "Tell Them You're Mine" and "The Bells Of Avignon". Maybe one day some of them will appear on CD.

Hardy Loppmann (from Germany) visited on Thursday, May 16, 2002 and said: -

Has anybody seen the most beautiful woman on the whole world?
I did! I found her on this page!

Well said Hardy! I'm sure you speak for many fans of Françoise.

Steve (from London, UK) visited on Thursday, May 9, 2002 and said: -

Think that the web site is great.
The passion, melody, poetry and resonance of her songs is far greater than you can find in modern music these days. I have spent the last year and half in Nice learning French as a direct result of listening to her songs. Would like to get hold of "Je chante donc je suis" if anyone has a copy. I have read and listened to just about everything else she has done but this book seems to elude me.
Regards, a rare young devoted fan.
Steve -

Thank you for your comments, Steve. What an excellent way to start learning French. Although less common than "Superstar et Ermite" and "Notes Secrètes", I have occasionally seen copies of "Je chante donc je suis" for sale in France in second-hand book stores and record fairs. Keep looking, and I'm sure you will find a copy somewhere.

Mike (from Italy) visited on Thursday, May 2, 2002 and said: -

I went on this site shortly after looking for Francoise's news on the net. Very well done. I must say that I am platonically in love with her since my childhood (now I am 46...), and seeing what time has made of her beauty literally drives me to tears. I think everybody you who are male can understand me. And she's a fine singer-writer too. Too much in a same person. God bless you.

Mike, thank you for your comments on the site. I agree with you that any male should understand how you feel. There are many of us who have been in love with Françoise since their youth, and many more joining us all the time.

Marta (from Spain) visited on Tuesday, April 30, 2002 and said: -

Salut tout le monde!
Tengo 22 años y acabo de descubrir a la maravillosa Françoise Hardy. Me hubiera gustado tanto ser joven en su época, la hubiera seguido desde sus inicios. Afortunadamente su música es atemporal.
Bonne continuation aux responsables de cette page, elle est chouette!

(Hello everyone! I am 22 years old and I have just discovered the wonderful Françoise Hardy. I would have liked to be as young in her time, and followed her from the beginning. Luckily her music is timeless. Good continuation with the persons in charge for this page, it is great!)

Hello Marta. Thank you for your message and your comments on the site, and welcome to the world of Françoise Hardy. You are so right - Françoise's music is timeless. Even though you missed out on being around at the time, I'm sure you will enjoy discovering everything from Françoise's past.

Salvatore (from Como, Italy) visited on Saturday, April 27, 2002 and said: -

Hello, I recently had to buy a record from (Brigitte Fontaine), and since I had to add another one I put in a collection of Francoise hits (all from the period 1962-1968). Needless to say, I have been listening for the whole of last week to Francoise music, and the Brigitte Fontaine album is still somewhere on my desk. Some of these songs are really wonderful, the way she sings "Mon amie la rose" make my heart sob, and I even discovered my father had a 7" with an Italian version of "J'suis d'accord" called "Ci sto", I never knew it was her singing on that record :) Of course now I cannot be satisfied with a collection, so I'd like to ask you where should I start in making an acceptable Francoise discography... I've read "La question" is very good... can you help?
Thanks and my congatulations for the site, it is really complete and well made.

Hello Salvatore. Thank you for your message and your comments on the site, and welcome to the world of Françoise Hardy. It's very difficult to advise you where to start. Like everybody, I have my own favourites - "Message Personnel" and "Entr'acte" and, of course, anything in English. After these, probably the late 1960's releases. "La question" is a favourite of many, including Françoise herself. Really, the choice is yours. Try something from the 1960's and something more recent. Decide which you like best and go for more from that time. Whatever you choose, in my opinion, you can't really go wrong! Good luck.

Amancio Reino (from Santiago de Compostela, Spain) visited on Thursday, April 25, 2002 and said: -

Mes FELICITATIONS, Françoise! 40 years ago, the best singer in the world recorded her first song. Today, she is still a wonderful artist and she has become a brilliant woman. She is the one and only! A lot of kisses for her and my congratulations to Warren and his nice work. Bye!

Thank you Amancio for the timely reminder. 40 years! It's almost incredible. Let's hope that there's more to come too.

Popsey (from South Africa) visited on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 and said: -

Dear Warren,
Thank you for a wonderful site, which I came across accidentally. For the last 30 years I live Francoise Hardy. She has been a guiding light in my musical quests and I have searched far and wide tracing her music and background in South Africa but to no avail. I am very disappointed that a musical icon of such stature in not given publicity in my country. Her renditions of songs are absolutely exquisite and have haunted me ever since I first heard her songs 30 years ago. It is a travesty of justice that she is not given the fame and publicity that she so richly deserves. Your website, I hope is a starting point to educate the world of this obscure treasure. Could you perhaps assist me to obtain some of her English songbooks to transpose her music for saxophone? I am a saxophonist and would like to resurrect some of her works. Unfortunately, I do not understand the French language and it is important to know the meaning of the words and theme of the song to express the music accordingly.
A tribute to Mrs. Francoise and a long beautiful life!

Popsey, I can understand your desire for an English songbook of Françoise Hardy, but unfortunately, none was ever published as far as I know. However, many of Françoise's English songs were originally sung in French, and the English lyrics are available on this web site. The addresses of the publishers of the French songbooks are now on the books page, and I know that the 2 most recent books are still available. I suggest you contact them to see if you can get hold of copies.

Dosik (from Seoul, Korea) visited on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 and said: -

I like Francoise Hardy & her music very much. I include her story in my web site -

Hello Dosik, thank you for your message. I have been to see your pages, but being unable to read your language, it means very little to me. All the same, thank you for trying to encourage interest in Françoise Hardy in your part of the world.

Bernie Holloway (from Brighton, UK) visited on Saturday, April 20, 2002 and said: -

Hello Francoise! I am 35, female, 5 foot 7, long brown hair and blue eyes. I have recently bought two CDs of yours. I admire your music and looks, and had I been old enough I would have tried to copy yours. What are your beauty secrets? You never appear to wear make up. How tall are you?
I take French conversation classes in Brighton, as I have always loved French, being born in French speaking Jersey.

Thank you for your message, Bernie. Unfortunately, by sending a message to this site, you are only writing to me, a humble fan like you. But it is always possible that Françoise will read what you have written. I can't say exactly how tall Françoise is, but I she must be somewhere between 5ft 8ins and 5ft 10ins tall. Her beauty is natural, and she has always lived and eaten healthily.

Jorge Cubría (from Mexico City, Mexico) visited on Saturday, April 13, 2002 and said: -

I have been a fan since 1965. I studied several years of French just to understand Françoise's songs. And that was for several years. Although I had not been able to thoroughly understand some of them until today I am thrilled with all this wonderful pictures. I love you for making this page.

Thank you for your comments, Jorge, and I'm glad to hear that you are finding the lyrics pages useful.

Ed Melo (from Brasil) visited on Wednesday, April 3, 2002 and said: -

Parabéns a todos vocês responsáveis por este belíssimo site dessa MUSA de voz maravilhosa. Tenho 44 anos, ouvi Françoise Hardy pela primeira vez em 1972 e suas canções estão sempre associadas a bons momentos de minha vida, também não podia ser diferente, belas canções trazem ótimas recordações.
Beijos para Françoise.
Ed Melo

(Congratulations to all you responsible for this beautiful site of this MUSE of wonderful voice. I am 44 years old, I heard Françoise Hardy in 1972 for the first time and her songs are always associated with the good moments of my life, nor could it be different, beautiful songs bring excellent memories. Kisses for Françoise.)

Ed, thank you for your message and your comments on the site. I hope the music of Françoise will continue to bring good times to your life.

Michael G. Batcho (from McAdoo, PA, USA) visited on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 and said: -

I've commented on Francoise and her music on this Visitor's Book before (Jan.19, 2002) but just wanted to make one small additional remark:
Francoise must have "channelled" the spirit of Buddy Holly when she wrote and recorded "This Little Heart"! I'll bet Buddy was smiling as big a smile as he ever smiled when she sang that song. I know Francoise makes me smile more and more!!!

Michael, thank you for your message. I'm really not sure of the connection between Françoise and Buddy Holly, but a friend and who is a fan of Françoise and Buddy Holly may be able to enlighten me.

Jill (from New York, USA) visited on Saturday, March 2, 2002 and said: -

I was first introduced to Francoise Hardy by a Quebecois (no surprise, she is quite popular in Quebec) and remain a big fan. While its true that most Americans don't know her music, many New Yorkers do. She is fabulous and has a devoted, if comparatively small, following on this side of the Atlantic, too.

Many thanks for your message, Jill. It is always interesting to hear how people were introduced to Françoise Hardy. You may be right about there being many New York fans, but I have heard from very few of them. But, wherever they are, all fans are appreciated.
Do you have any information on any live performances by Françoise in the USA?

Pierre Lefevre (from Paris, France) visited on Saturday, March 2, 2002 and said: -

J'ai vu le message de Phil de Londres et j'ai beaucoup de vidéos sur FRANÇOISE HARDY. Je pourrais faire des échanges. Je vais souvent à Londres et Phil vient peut-être à Paris?

Hello Pierre. Thank you for your offer. I forwarded your message to Phil. I hope you managed to sort something out between you.
Unfortunately, messages to the e-mail address you used are being returned, so I cannot reply to you directly.

Rod Smith (from South Africa, living in USA) visited on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 and said: -

Please can somebody send me the lyrics for the song that includes "Life isn't easy when two are divided and one has decided to bring down the curtain on one things for certain there's nothing to keep them together" I am sure this was recorded in English by Francoise Hardy yet I cannot find it on the list. Please help.
Rod Smith in Indianapolis, USA

Hello Rod. These lyrics are from "Together" by Harry Nilsson. There have been many versions of it, but as far as I know, Françoise has never recorded this song.

Agustin (from Madrid, Spain) visited on Saturday, February 16, 2002 and said: -

Very thanks for your web. I think: because Françoise don't sing in Germany in this moment? Is very different singing in this language and very beautiful, I prefer her singing in German than English.
A bientot Agustin...

Agustin, I think Françoise appreciates that to have any chance of being commercially successful, as well as singing in her own French, she must also record songs in English. Sadly, songs in other languages are less likely to have international appeal.

Thomas Mitchell (from Chicago, Illinois, USA) visited on Thursday, February 14, 2002 and said: -

I should probably register a formal complaint against the American media for keeping me in the dark about Françoise Hardy until basically last fall. How did such a talented singer/songwriter go so largely unnoticed on these shores? Language barriers apart (my high school français has never been put to better use), there is no denying the beauty in her vocal melodies and her impeccable musical taste. It wasn't until some research into the ye-ye genre, having heard the term in reference to the musical sojourn of her more famous French counterpart (initiales omitted) that the name Françoise began popping up on every European web site I accessed. So I pointed and clicked my way through and bought a copy of 60 Chansons. Marvellous! Now I'm hooked. I've been building a collection ever since and have always been happy with her direction, charting her progress through a sort of dysfunctional time warp. Though I'm very fond of her renditions of other composers' works (Gainsbourg has served her as well as others), I'd have to say my favorite album is Et Si Je M'en Vais Avant Toi where she was able to (as she puts it in French) "pluck the three major cords that are the only she knows." The results are raw, harmonious, phenomenal and forever spinning on my car's cd player. And thanks to newer, equally pleasing opuses like Le Danger and Clair Obscur, I'll know now to keep on guard for the next gem. Thanks, Françoise, for bringing your melody to us... one country at a time!

Thank you for your message, Thomas. No, Françoise never really took off in the USA, although there are a small number of fans over there. We all have our own favourite album, but yours is certainly a good choice.

Kathy Withe (from Liverpool, UK, now living in Thailand) visited on Thursday, February 14, 2002 and said: -

I first heard Francoise when I was 15. The song "all over the world" always stayed in my mind. I have never forgotten it. It makes me think of so many things when I was young, and how I see the world and see how people treat one another. I thank you for the lyrics to the song. It makes me feel good and sometimes sad, but it is funny. I myself have met so many people in my lifetime. I have travelled the world and met lovely friends and I have to leave them. That's when the song makes me think. Thank you Francoise for being a part of my life and you didn't know it.
Regards, Kathy Withe.

Kathy, thank you for your message. As you may have guessed, "All over the world" is one of my favourite songs too, hence the name of the site.

Ralph Dycene (from Republic of South Korea) visited on Wednesday, February 13, 2002 and said: -

Hi~Francoise Hardy~:0) I'm from South Korea and 18 years old now. My dream is composer, arranger and producer. Since about 6 years ago, I found your album in my father's album box, and I'm your fan until now. I think, your voice shows French color much better other artists. And you impress many other listeners. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you always healthy and make your life like music. Then, I'm out. Korea is New Year festival season, now because of lunar calendar. So.................... H.A.P.P.Y..N.E.W..Y.E.A.R. :0)
Bye Bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello Ralph, thank you for your message. I'm sure Françoise would appreciate your wishes for her. Happy New Year to you.

Phil (from London, UK) visited on Monday, February 11, 2002 and said: -

I'm a big fan of Francoise and have over a dozen of her albums, but I was wondering if there are any videos of her TV appearances. I got talking to someone at a party who had a French video, which we anglos can see in black and white, but I was drunk and forgot to get any details...
Smashing site by the way!

Phil, unfortunately, there are no official videos available featuring Françoise, so the only possibility is to get a copy from another fan. I know there are some fans who have extensive video collections.

小林 未奈 (Mina Kobayashi) (from Japan) visited on Monday, February 11, 2002 and said: -

Hello! I am a 19 years old girl. I am a fan of Francoise Hardy. I love her and her music!


Mina, thank you for your message and welcome to the site. Unfortunately, I do not read Japanese, so have no idea what you have written.

The translation below was sent by Akihiro Noda from Tokyo, on Thursday, August 1, 2002

Hello, nice to see you!
My English Is not so good but I would like to express that I am a fan of Francoise.
I feel relaxed when listening to Francoise CDs recently.
"Comment te dire adieu" is excellent!
I am attracted by her sensibility in music.

Lydia Najjar (from Canada) visited on Friday, February 8, 2002 and said: -

Bonjour à tous, Je suis une fan de Françoise depuis... bien longtemps (près de 35 ans)... Je viens de découvrir ce site. Je le trouve très très bien fait. Bravo!!!! J'aimerais y apporter ma contribution. J'ai des versions des chansons de Françoise par d'autres artistes qui ne figurent pas dans vos listes. Je vous les ferais parvenir très bientôt. Promis.
Un ami m'avait envoyé la lettre de Françoise parue sur ce site. Bravo Warren!
À bientôt.

Lydia, thank you for your message and your kind comments. Contributions of information for the site are always welcome, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Inigo Diaz (from Chile) visited on Tuesday, February 5, 2002 and said: -

I'm journalist, I work with music, like musicologist. I'm interested in her sixties period, her French pop, her chanson francais, her stylish.
For me, first it was Marianne Faithfull... now is Hardy.

Hello Inigo, thank you for your message and good luck.

Aragonais Henri (from France) visited on Tuesday, February 5, 2002 and said: -

Je l'aime tellement elle fait partie de ma famille comme une soeur depuis tres longtemps elle me fait du bien.

Henri, bienvenu à la famille des fans de Françoise.

Beate Roy (from Germany) visited on Sunday, February 3, 2002 and said: -

Francoise Hardy was - ca. 1965 - ? my first Chanson-Love, I still carry 2 small records through all changes of life: Vogue 45 EPL 8076 and 8635 - Others disappeared, but all of the early music I still know by heart. I wish one could hear them on these pages.
I am very happy to discover these well-made pages and all the news about her - Thank you! Beate

Beate - thank you for your message and your kind comments. Most of Françoise's early songs are now available on CD, and it has never been my intention to add more songs to this site, but it may be possible. Which songs do you particularly want to hear?

Shepard H. Samuels (from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) visited on Sunday, February 3, 2002 and said: -

Francoise is the greatest living singer songwriter from Europe today and I suspect from the last four decades. Very sadly very, very few Americans have ever heard her. I am the world music director of WTUL-FM here in New Orleans and we have none of her albums. Can anybody help remedy this poor state? If you can help please call me at 504-866-8755 or email me at .
Sincerely yours, Shepard H. Samuels

Shephard, I hope somebody takes pity on you, but if not, perhaps you should contact Françoise's record company, Virgin France.

Virgin Records
11 Place Des Vosges

Tel: +33 144 546 474

Augusto Vidigal (from Brésil) visited on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 and said: -

La premiere fois que j'ai ecoute Hardy ai au anne de 1968 et elle chante la chanson "A Quoi ca sert". Pendant tous les annees je noublier pas la chanson. Maintenant je commencer chercher pour ecouter la music (elle sa perdu de mes choses). Est-ce-que vous savais comme je pouvoir "download" la chanson? S'il vous plait... Je besoins... C'est pour mon coeur... Mercy beaucoup, son amie,

(The first time that I listened to Hardy was in the year 1968 and she was singing the song "A quoi ça sert?". During all the years I have not forgotten the song. Now I am starting to look for the song to listen to it (it is lost amongst my things). Do you know how I can download the song? Please... I need... It is for my heart... Thank you very much, your friend, Augusto.)

Augusto, this song is available on the CD "Comment te dire adieu" which has also been released recently on CD and should be available at any of the sites below.

Maria de Fatima Silveira (from Brasil) visited on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 and said: -

Querida Francoise Hardy, gostaria imensamente de receber seu CD gravado em 1971 que contem a musica La Question pois amo esta musica e aqui no brasil nao encontro nenhum CD seu, muito menos um tao antigo....Beijos de uma fa....

(Dear Francoise Hardy, I would immensely like to receive your CD recorded in 1971 that contains the song "La Question" as I love this song and here in Brazil I cannot find any of your CDs, much less one so old... Kisses from a fan...)

Maria, thank you for your message. The album "La Question" has been re-released on CD recently and is readily available to buy. You can buy online from any of the following Internet stores: -

(Maria, agradeça-o para sua mensagem. O album do "La Question" re-tem sido liberado no CD recentemente e está prontamente disponível para comprar. Você pode comprar em linha de algumas das seguintes lojas Internet: - )

Amazon (USA)
CD Banzai (USA)
CD Connection (USA)
CD Europe (USA)
CD Universe (USA)
Cyber CD (Germany)
FNAC (France)
HMV (Canada)

Good luck in your search.

(Sorte boa em sua busca.)

Cristina (from Spain) visited on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 and said: -

Hello Françoise's fans! I've just discovered her music and it's simply wonderful. Thank you very much for this extraordinary site Warren, keep on the good work!! ;)

Cristina, thank you for your message and your kind comments. I'm sure you will have plenty more to discover. Don't forget to visit the other extraordinary sites from the links page!

Michael G. Batcho (from McAdoo, PA, USA) visited on Saturday, January 19, 2002 and said: -

Every once in a while we come across people like Francoise Hardy and the beauty of her person and her music which gives us a glimmer into the beauty of the Creator Himself. In a world that can at times seem brutal and cold and ugly, God gives us singers like Francoise to remind us that life is good and life is beautiful and life is more than worth living. Thanks to God and thanks to Francoise! ... and much happiness to Francoise.

Well said, Michael.

Arthur Gagnon (from Boston, MA, USA) visited on Thursday, January 17, 2002 and said: -

Happy Birthday Françoise. I have been a fan of yours since 1966.

Well done, Arthur. Hear, hear! And many more of them!

Christine Seo (from South Korea) visited on Thursday, January 10, 2002 and said: -

Bonjour,~!! Je suis Christine~!! I'm from Korea. I'm a fan of Francoise Hardy. I'm not French and I don't know exactly what do lyrics mean in her songs but I love her and her music.

Hello Christine, and welcome. I think the same must be true of many of Françoise's who don't speak or understand much French. But the songs are sung with so much feeling that it is difficult not to like the songs when you hear them. Enjoy!

Soo Shewey (from USA) visited on Wednesday, January 9, 2002 and said: -

Just found out for the first time in 30 years that my favorite song of all time "All over the world" belongs to Francoise Hardy. I used to listen to this song with my best friend in my junior high school days in Korea. I am so delighted to learn about Ms. Hardy today.

Hello Soo, thank you for your message. That's a long time to wait! Perhaps now, you will discover some of Françoise's other songs to excite you. Good luck.

Alan Landry (from Katy, Texas, USA) visited on Saturday, January 5, 2002 and said: -

I discovered Francoise in the summer of 2001 when I found an LP in an antique store by her recorded in 1966 and paid $1.00. Since then I have been in love and have bought 13 CDs and 3 more LPs by her, I can't get enough, she is wonderful! I play her music almost every day. I am 48 years old and it is great to discover this talented artist this late in life.

Hello Alan, thank you for your message. Welcome to the world of Françoise. That was a bargain at $1! As you are no doubt discovering, Françoise has produced a great variety of material since the early days, and it's all worth listening to. Most of the original songs are now available on CD, but there are still a few rarities that are vinyl only. Good luck.

Maurice Ropars (from Stains, France) visited on Wednesday, January 2, 2002 and said: -

Nouveau disque en 2002? Fan de Françoise Hardy depuis toujours, et tu le sais! J'attends avec impatience un nouveau disque de Françoise! Viendra-t-il en 2002, disque de reprises réorchestrées ou chansons nouvelles? Pourquoi ne trouves-t-on pas des chansons sur CD comme : "Des bottes rouges de Russie", "Nuit d été", "Assiette niet", "La mer", "Les feuilles mortes", "T'es pas poli" etc. Bien à toi.

(Will there be a new record in 2002? I have always been a fan of Francoise Hardy, as you know! I await impatiently a new record from Francoise! Will it come in 2002, a record of rearranged oldies or new songs? Why can we not find some songs on CD such as: "Des bottes rouges de Russie", "Nuit d été", "Assiette niet", "La mer", "Les feuilles mortes", "T'es pas poli" etc. I wish you well. Maurice.)

Hello Maurice. Possibly a new record in 2002, but I think we will all have to be patient a little longer than that. I share your frustration of the unavailability of these songs on CD. For some of them, it is possibly a question of copyright of the original songs, but that cannot be true of them all, surely? Perhaps pressure on the record company may help...

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